Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall

Recommended Suppliers


Registration and Celebratory Services, Shropshire Council
www.shropshire.gov.uk  0345 6789016  registrars@shropshire.gov.uk


Paul Cawthorne is the vicar of Clive, Grinshill, Hadnall and Astley churches. paulcawthorne@tiscali.co.uk   07981345820 

If you have any quiries about ceremonies or getting married in a church go to www.yourchurchwedding.org/


Shropshire Countryside Weddings and Events (Peter Baka)
www.scweddingsandevents.co.uk  07514278208  events@scweddingsandevents.co.uk


Fresh & Lush 
www.freshandlush.co.uk  01746 710310 hello@freshandlush.co.uk

CSons The Crouch Brothers run CSons, one of the best resturnants in Shrewsbury and also do private catering.
www.csons-shrewsbury.co.uk/event-catering/  01743 272709   eat@csons-shrewsbury.co.uk

Oak Apple Catering (Ed Potter) Ed is offering a 10% discount for all Mid-week weddings 
www.oakapplecatering.co.uk  01694 731305  enquiries@oakapplecatering.co.uk

Kemp & Kemp
www.kempandkempcatering.co.uk 01785748528 info@kempandkempcatering.co.uk

Cheryl Jayne Catering 
www.cheryljaynecatering.co.uk   07837006865  cheryljaynecatering@hotmail.co.uk  

 Jimmy Garcia (London Based) 
02079983676 www.jimmygarciacatering.com  events@jimmygarciacatering.com

Ale Oli - Spanish Tapas (Frances O'Shea) 
www.aleoli.co.uk  01743 384253 

Catherine Skates - Bespoke Fine Dining
www.catherineskates.co.uk   07866 385659   info@catherineskates.co.uk

Shropshire Countryside Weddings & Events (Peter Baka)
www.scweddingsandevents.co.uk  07514278208  events@scweddingsandevents.co.uk

Caroline Morgan
www.carolinemorgan.co.uk  01694 731514  clmhuntersmoon@btinternet.com

Brompton Cookery School - Marcus Bean
www.bromptoncookeryschool.co.uk  01743 761629 info@bromptoncookeryschool.co.uk

Napkins Catering Company (Afternoon Tea)
www.napkinscateringcompany.co.uk  01952 247513  enquiries@napkinscateringcompany.co.uk

Roslin Catering Ltd
www.roslincatering.co.uk  01743 872348  info@roslincatering.co.uk


Ironbridge Catering Company
BBQ, Paella & Wedding Catering
www.ironbridgecatering.co.uk   0800 7318497   sales@ironbridgecatering.co.uk

Maynards Farm (Rob & Fiona Cunningham)
www.maynardsfarm.co.uk  01948 840252  sales@maynardsfarm.co.uk

Pizza Peddlers
Delicious wood fired pizzas from a vintage Citroen 'H' van
Website   07806 809797  pizzapeddlers1@gmail.com

The Little Camion (Sweet and savoury crepes & Burgers)
 www.TLCCreperie.com 07443 220071  sarahcox@tlccreperie.com

63 Islands (Caribbean style street food)
www.63islands.co.uk   07756 182618   hello@63islands.co.uk

Aberdyfi Ice Cream - The Pink Pod 
Vintage ice cream Truck  
www.the-pink-pod.co.uk events@aberdyfiicecream.com  01654767222

Polly's Vintage Ice Cream Parlour
 Two VW vitage ice cream vans


Bespoke Celebration Cakes
www.bespokecelebrationcakes.co.uk 01270 618518 fiona@bespokecelebrationcakes.co.uk

Sharon Stinton (Harmer Hill)
 www.sharonstintonboutiqecakes.co.uk 01939 290520 stinton.sharon@yahoo.co.uk

Battlefield 1403
Cheese wedding cakes
www.battlefield1403.com 01939 210905 info@battlefield1403.com

 Appleby's Cheese Cakes
www.applebyscheese.co.uk   07932254718  sarah.appleby@applebyscheese.co.uk  


Tipples (Tim & Charlotte Aversa)
Special Pimhill pricing available
www.tipplesbar.co.uk 01743 860621 info@tipplesbar.co.uk

The Little Gin Box (Specialising in a selection of craft gins and gin based cocktails.)
07729800329  thelittleginbox@gmail.com 

Flair Incorporated  (cocktail bar service & showmanship bartending to impress and entertain guests)
 www.flairincorporated.com  07494414630 dave@flairincorporated.com

The Shack Revolution
www.theshackrevolution.co.uk/   07960 676 758  hereford@theshackrevolution.co.uk

Beer Buz - Mobile Bar
www.beerbuz.co.uk 01746 712 386 info@beerbuz.co.uk

Brannans Bars
www.brannansbars.co.uk 07969919659 or 07854959177 brannansbars@yahoo.co.uk

VW campervan serving drinks
www.champavan.co.uk/  07736384267   info@champavan.co.uk

Battlefield Beers
Wholesale supplier of local beers
www.battlefieldbeers.co.uk  01743 467163  sales@battlefieldbeers.co.uk


Posh Frocks & Wellies (sister company to Decorate My Wedding - see Lighting & Decoration below for more details)
www.poshfrocksandwellies.co.uk  01829 751979  info@poshfrocksandwellies.co.uk

Storm Machine Entertainment (Jamie)
http://www.stormmachine.co.uk     07968345646    01694 751380 

JFT Marquees & Ltd (Alan James)
www.jftmarqueesandtarpaulins.co.uk   07940 425518  jft.marquees@btconnect.com

Event In A Tent (Matt)
Tipi hire for weddings
www.event-in-a-tent.co.uk  01978 853559  info@event-in-a-tent.co.uk

Forecast Marquees (Ed Ainslee)
www.forecastmarquees.co.uk  0800 5642225  enquiries@forecastmarquees.co.uk

Jigsaw Marquees (Alan Corfield) (Check out the Moroccan Marquee, under case studies)  
www.jigsawmarquees.co.uk  01743 600428  alan@jigsawmarquees.co.uk


Tipples (Tim Aversa)
Special Pimhill pricing available
www.tipplesbar.co.uk  01743 860621  info@tipplesbar.co.uk

Vintage Monkeys
Unique vintage rentals
www.vintagemonkeys.co.uk  07707899990  info@vintagemonkeys.co.uk

Chairman Hire
www.chairman-hire.co.uk  01948 662520  hire@chairman-hire.co.uk


Streetparty Vintage
streetpartyvintage.com   streetpartyvintage@gmail.com 07890420422


Pimhill Barn has five table and chair sets which you can borrow from us at the last minute when you know what the weather will be like!


 Love Me Do (Decoration hire & design) A family business; Kerry has provided memorable lighting and decoration in the barn.
www.lovemedo.co/     07967231480    lovemedobridal@outlook.com 

Hipswing Entertainments (Lighting and entertainment)
www.hipswing.co.uk 0330 122 4321  sales@hipswing.co.uk

Marklew Productions (Lighting) 
www.marklewproductions.com 0121 6086261 mail@marklewproductions.com  

Decorate My Wedding 
www.decoratemywedding.co.uk 01829 751979 sarah@poshfrocksandwellies.co.uk

HannaLu Special Occasions (Lighting and decoration hire)
www.hannaluspecialoccasions.com   07984001757

Quantum Sound & Lighting Services (Ross Anderson)
rossside77@yahoo.co.uk 07971783811

Sweetpea and Ivy
www.sweetpeaandivy.co.uk   07973764752   info@sweetpeaandivy.co.uk

Pro Audio Services (Callum)
www.proaudioservices.co.uk 07854 431690 callum@proaudioservices.co.uk

Big Little Things
www.biglittlethings.co.uk   hello@biglittlethings.co.uk


Neil Parry Photography
www.neilparryphotography.com  contact@neilparryphotography.com

Victoria Macken Photography
www.victoriamacken.co.uk  07989 177618

Lisa Webb

www.lisawebbphotography.co.uk contact@lisawebbphotography.co.uk

Leah Lombardi (Photograpy & Videography)
 www.leahlombardi.com     hello@leahlombardi.com

Andy Li Photography
www.andyli.photography/   07947 300399   andy@andyli.photography 

Joanne Hastings Photography
www.johastingsphotography.co.uk  07950 482429  johastings@btinternet.com

Jaine Briscoe-Price

www.jainebriscoe-price.co.uk    jaine@jainebriscoe-price.co.uk    07760256575

Attention To Detail - James Tonge
www.atd-photography.com  01952 200387  info@atd-photography.com

Amy Taylor Imaging Photography  
www.amytaylorimagingphotography.com   07973323148   amywt@btinternet.com

PB Artworks - Phil Barrett  
pbartworks.co.uk/   01691 622842  hello@pbartworks.co.uk

Project Valentine - Jack Parkinson

www.projectvalentine.co.uk  info@projectvalentine.co.uk

Helen Baly Photography
www.helenbaly.smugmug.com/Weddings  07970 027766

Kate Scott Photography
www.katescottphotography.co.uk  07916 166390  info@katescottphoto.co.uk

Nicola Gough Photography
www.weddingphotographyinshropshire.co.uk   07847 186848   thisisnicola@hotmail.com

Lucy Little Photography
www.lucylittle.co.uk  07771 514256  lucy@lucylittle.co.uk

Richard Harris Photograpy 
www.rharris-images.com 07534 949733 rharrisphotography@live.co.uk

Steven Rooney Photography

www.stevenrooneyphotography.com 07793938105 rooneyphotographyltd@gmail.com

Stephen Sutton Photography
www.stephensutton.co.uk   07761256143  steve@stephensutton.co.uk

Krys Polkino Photography
www.kryspolkinophotography.com    07740838442     kryspolkino@yahoo.co.uk


Skies are Blue (Stuart Millership)
www.skiesareblue.co.uk  07878077728 contact@skiesareblue.co.uk 

Blue Ridge Films
www.blueridge-weddings.com/    info@blueridge-weddings.com

Up Close Wedding Productions (Jack Close)
www.upclosewedding.co.uk  07989922015  j.r.close23@googlemail.com


ATG Photo Booths 
 www.ATGPhotoBooths.co.uk 07752 432482 sales@atgphotobooths.co.uk

Birdie Camper Van (Photo Booth, Mini Bar & Wedding Transport)  
 www.birdiecampervan.com   07432077678  birdiephotobooth@gmail.com


 Carol Siddorn - Locally grown flowers
 Full weddings through to DIY buckets of flowers; we recommend a look on Instagram - @carolsiddorn           www.carolsgarden.co.uk   01829 782895   carol@carolsgarden.co.uk

 Katie's Florist  
 07792927110 katiesfloristwem@gmail.com  

 Ginger Lily - Artisan Florist  
 www.gingerlilyflorist.com  07961875158   info@gingerlilyflorist.com

Anne Whysall 
 www.annewhysall.co.uk    01743 792333    sales@annewhysall.co.uk

 Michele Gledhill (Flowers and styling)
 www.michelegledhill.co.uk 07540 575499 michele@michelegledhill.co.uk

With Wild Abandon  (Sophie Anderson)
www.withwildabandon.co.uk 07780 601429 sophie@withwildabandon.co.uk

The Shropshire Field  (Kathryn Reynolds)
www.theshropshirefield.co.uk   07752 331613   kathsfield@gmail.com

The Real Cut Flower Garden (Charlie)
www.cutflowergarden.co.uk  01497 831177   info@cutflowergarden.co.uk

Regent House of Flowers
www.weddingflowersbylaura.com  01978 357356  info@flowersinhours.co.uk


No paper confetti please.

Shropshire Petals (Katie)
www.shropshirepetals.com  01952 691553  enquiries@shropshirepetals.co.uk


Nichola Witcombe-Tant
www.bebeautifultoo.co.uk  01743 851286 07734906073  

Beautiful Brides By Kim (Hair Dresser) Kim Wills
www.beautifulbridesbykim.com    07411674022     beautifulbridesbykim@hotmail.com  

Lizzie Griffiths (Hair and Make-up)
www.lizziegriffiths.co.uk  07702597863  lizziemake-up@hotmail.co.uk

Natalie Ravenscroft
www.natalieravenscroftmua.co.uk  07980951386  nravenscroft@hotmail.co.uk

Rebecca Anderton
www.rebeccaanderton.co.uk   07946912047 info@rebeccaanderton.co.uk


Vyne - String Quartet 
www.vynestringquartet.co.uk    07809118079 

Monstaball Band
www.monsta-ball.co.uk  07944382307

Dj Suleiman
maguvu@yahoo.co.uk    07879035892 01400 281304 

DrumRoots (African Music, song & dance)
www.drumroots.org.uk    info@drumroots.org.uk    0161 4085270 

Storm Machine Entertainment (Jamie)
http://www.stormmachine.co.uk     07968345646    01694 751380 

Punch the Air Live Band
www.punchtheair.co.uk 07794 659405 punchtheairband@gmail.com

Supersession Band
www.supersession.co.uk 07929206008 info@supersession.co.uk

Phil Rostance & The Marshall Band
www.philrostance.com 07968 739824  info@themarshallband.co.uk

Odd Socks Ceilidh Band (David Holloway)
www.oddsocksceilidhband.com 01743 357788 oddsocks.band1@gmail.com

MisterFox DJ (Brian)
www.misterfox.co.uk 07971097835 bri@misterfox.co.uk

Vintage Wedding DJ (David)
Unique music with a vintage twist
www.vintageweddingdj.co.uk   07811 559831   david@vintageweddingdj.co.uk

Joe Seager                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         www.joeseager.com   07828839053   hello@joeseager.com


If you find the thought of clearing up after your wedding daunting, we recommend the following suppliers.

They will carefully store your personal belongings and decorations in the Cartshed or Clockhouse for you to collect by 1 o'clock. Then they will clean throughout and get the Barn ready to hand back to us.

Amanda and Nat Cleaning Servies

Brooks Cleaning Services
www.brooksclean.co.uk  07879600611 sales@acompleteclean.co.uk


A Touch of Class Wedding Cars
www.atouchofclassweddingcars.co.uk   07974 081589   enquiries@atouchofclassweddingcars.co.uk

Silverline Cars
www.silverlinecars.co.uk   07769 691506   contact@SilverlineCars.co.uk

Boultons of Shropshire (vintage coaches)
www.boultonsofshropshire.com   01694 771226   info@boultonsofshropshire.co.uk


01743 534 948     07745724549

Angel Travel

Comet Cars
01743 344444

Central Taxis
01743 441144

Rob Mansfield (Mini Bus) 
01939 250280


Jubilee Fireworks 
mail@jubileefireworks.co.uk    01384 402255

Shropshire Wedding Hire  
shropshireweddinghire@outlook.com    07791019552

Hannah Roxane - (Baby sitting services) 
roxanehayward@yahoo.co.uk  07974898545

Feather & Flourish - (Invitations, save the dates & Calligraphy) 

Creative Wedding Stationary
www.creativeweddingstationary.co.uk 07841 418604 trisha.cameo@btinternet.com

Matthews Bros Pyro (Wedding Fireworks Displays)
www.matthewsbrospyro.com 01734 292073 cris@matthewsbrospyro.com

The Shrewsbury Dog Walker
Insured dog walker & sitter 
www.theshrewsburydogwalker.com   07496 111409   hello@theshrewsburydogwalker.com

Shropshire Event Nannies

07886 684070 shropshireeventnannies@gmail.com

Damselfly Flower Girls

Handmade Vintage Style dresses
www.damselflyflowergirls.co.uk   01588 660221   info@damselflyflowergirls.co.uk

Jackflash Fireworks (Daphne)
www.jackflashfireworks.co.uk   01939 200444   info@jackflashfireworks.co.uk

Shropshire Garden Party (Lawn games hire)

www.shropshiregardenparty.co.uk   07814135047  kelly@shropshiregardenparty.co.uk



The Albrighton Hall Hotel  ****

Albrighton,  SY4 3AG  (1.8 miles)
The hotel has 87 bedrooms including superior twins, doubles and privilege rooms with four-poster beds overlooking the beautiful lake and landscaped grounds. It also has a swimming pool, spa and gym.
If you take a block booking of ten or more rooms, a special price can be negotiated. 

The Albright Hussey Manor Hotel ****
Albrighton,  SY4 3AF  (2.5 miles)
01939 290523
www.albrighthussey.co.uk - Special Mid-week discounts available for those having a Wednesday wedding with us. If you would like to claim the discount, please contact David or Paul to get the special discount -  paul@albrighthussey.co.uk   david@albrighthussey.co.uk
The Albright Hussey dates back to 1524 and is set in four acres of beautiful gardens and with an original Tudor moat. It has 26 bedrooms with four-poster beds and ensuite bathrooms.

Premier Inn Shrewsbury (North) - Harmer Hill (41 rooms)
Harmer Hill, Shropshire SY4 3DS (0.5 mile)
0871 527 8974 www.premierinn.com/en/hotel/SHRBRI/shrewsbury-north-harmer-hill

The Silverton
The Old Dairy, 9-10 Frankwell, Shrewsbury SY3 8JY  (5.8 miles)
Set in the heart of Shrewsbury and one of the most popular hotels. It has 7 elegant modern rooms, 5 double and 2 twin. One of the doubles has the possibility of another fold out bed for 2 more people. There is also an amazing restaurant and bar.



The Inn at Grinshill - B&B & Private House Parties
High Street, Grinshill, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 3BL (3.5 mile). Private house parties can be for up to 30 people.
01939 220 410 www.theinnatgrinshill.co.uk/

The Old House 1480 - Fred
20 Dogpole, Shrewsbury  SY1 1ES  (5 miles)
www.theoldhouse1480.com 079702 13007 fredgwalters@gmail.com
A Tudor mansion located in the heart of Shrewsbury town centre. Sleeps up to 20 people. Special accommodation for wedding parties. An ideal place for a group of friends, or family. Walking distance from the train station and surrounded by lots of good restaurants. A great backdrop for pre-wedding photographs. Car parking available. Thoroughly recommended. Talk to Fred!

Dovecote Barn - B&B
Fitz, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 3AS    07517480758   louisehomes@gmail.com     
https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/5024501  (1 double room)     https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/17637153?guests=1&adults=1&children=0&infants=0&s=ymR8n62X (1 double room) 
Dovecote Barn offers B&B in the hamlet of Fitz, 6 miles NW of Shrewsbury. The barn was converted into a home in 2011 and has a lovely outlook towards the Welsh hills and overlooks the church in Fitz. Fitz is very quiet, peaceful hamlet, close to the River Severn but at the same time only 10 minutes drive from the historic, market town of Shrewsbury.

Burlton Cottages & Spa
Charity Farm, Burlton, Shrewsbury SY4 5SX      01939 270 404   07817456197    
Three recently converted cottages of character sleeping 4 | 2 | 2 on a friendly, family run farm. New for 2017 will be complimentary use of an indoor heated swimming pool, jacuzzi and spa. A five minute drive from Pimhill Barn. Dogs welcome.

Brompton Farm House B&B
Near Cross Houses, Shrewsbury
www.bromptonfarmhouse.co.uk     01743 761629     info@bromptonfarmhouse.co.uk
Brompton farmhouse bed & breakfast is a lovely 4* Silver Awarded, family run bed and breakfast set in the heart of Shropshire with four rooms that sleep 2 |.2 | 3 | 2.

The Grove Farmhouse 
Condover, Shrewsbury
4 x B & B rooms. 2 bedroomed farm house as well as luxury self-catering suites.

Hambrook House
13  Kennedy Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY3 7AD (5 miles)

Hardwick House 
12 St John's Hill, Shrewsbury SY1 1JJ

The Granary
Newton on Hill, Harmer Hill, Shrewsbury, SY4 3EH. 01939 290813
Sleeps 7

Newton Meadows Cottages
Wem Rd, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 3EA (1 mile) 





Give us a call for more information or to arrange a visit to view tel: 01939 291310 or email events@pimhillbarn.co.uk