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Yes, there are plenty of options at a variety of budgets. Click for a list of our recommended suppliers.
No. You are free to choose any supplier. Click for a list of our recommended suppliers.
Please click here for a plan

6 metres by 6 metres

10 metres by 5 metres

Our licence runs until 1am.

Only if it is natural petal confetti. Please see our list of recommended suppliers.

Mini buses will. A vintage bus will, but not a modern coach.

Yes, that is fine.

We do. You just have to sign a ladder disclaimer form on the day you are setting up.

No. Sorry, but the fire risk is just too great.

No one should walk to the Premier Inn, the A528 is a very busy, fast road.

The only rule is that there can be no nails, or staples in the woodwork because the barn is Elizabethan and listed. You can use drawing pins and tie up bunting, flowers etc.

Yes, that is fine.

Yes, that is fine as long as they are returned to where you found them.

We have a bin on wheels. All rubbish can be put into the bin which is then sorted and recycled at the waste station. If you need an extra bin, there is a £25 charge which, will be deducted from your refundable deposit.

No. The risk to our cows is too great.

Yes, we now have Wifi in the barn.

Pimhill Barn has four tables and chair sets which you can borrow from us at the last minute when you know what the weather will be like. If you want to use them you must collect them from the store and put them away clean, as you found them.