Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall


The barn was built in 1584 and was at the heart of Pimhill Farm for the next 400 years. However in the 1950s due to the introduction of more modern farming methods - the building of sheds to house large machinery - it fell into disuse. It was Ginny's dream to restore the barn to its former self and we began in the winter of 2011. This involved replacing the rotted wood on the outside, taking up the uneven concrete floor and laying a wooden one, turning what was being used as a workshop back into the cartshed, and lots of cleaning. Now, the barn looks as wonderful as it did four hundred years ago and, most importantly, is open to be appreciated by people other than us. 

Give us a call for more information or to arrange a visit to view tel: 01939 291310 or email events@pimhillbarn.co.uk