Visit Pimhill Farm


Pimhill Barn is steeped in history, being built in 1584. To give this some perspective this was the time when William Shakespeare was just 20 years old. One year before he started his career in the theatre and a few years before he wrote his first play The Taming of the Shrew.

Over the years as farming changed and large sheds were needed to house machinery the Barn fell into disuse and became derelict.

It was always Ginny’s ambition to reinstate and restore the Barn. Work began in the winter of 2011. This involved the endless clearing of material built up over generations. The rotten wood was replaced on the outside, the main beams were repaired, the concrete floor was taken up and the former farm workshop was reinstated as The Cartshed.

The Barn now looks as wonderful as it did 400 years ago and, most importantly, is enjoyed by so many people.